The Ultimate (Crocheted) Knitting Basket


Anyone who ever knits (or crochets for that matter) will surely recognize this problem: your ball of yarn slips all over the floor, or if you have really bad luck, your cat get it’s claws in it. Don’t hesitate any longer and get yourself this ultimate crochet knitting basket! And if you’re done crafting, you can even stash your work in it too. Good riddance!

The trick is that you can put the ball in the basket and pull the thread through one of the loops; the loop prevents the ball from rolling out, so you will never lose it. I like the fact that the basket is strong, but also very soft. Therefore, you can keep it on the ground, but also a nice leather couch without scratching the surface.


This basket is extremely useful for knitting, but it actually is súper multifunctional. You can use it for all kinds of storage purposes. And of course it’s just a nice basket to look at. If I haven’t convinced you that from now on you can’t live without this basket any more then i never will: even ultra novice crocheters can easily make this basket! You need only to know two stitches: the single crochet and the chainstitch. It’s that simple!

For this knitting basket I used hook 8mm (UK: 0, USA: 11 or L) and seven threads of different colors and qualities. Therefore, it’s an ideal project if you have a lot of leftover yarn (just like me). Be sure to select the color pallet with care, so you’ll end up with a beautiful basket. If you like, you can also use a thicker or thinner skein than I did, with a thicker or thinner crochet hook; the basket will automatically become larger or smaller.


(sc = single crochet, ch = chainstitch, * = repeat)


Crochet 6 single crochets in a double ring. Carefully pull the threads tight one by one. 
Insert a stitch marker (if you do not have any, you can also use a safety pin or an ordinary paper clip) into the last (6th) stitch. On every row you can move this marker to the top, so you always know the end of your row. This way you’ll avoid constantly having to count your stitches. (I do this every now and then anyway, to make sure I didn’t skip a stitch.)

DSC_0002 DSC_0029 DSC_0032 DSC_0033

1: 2sc in every stitch (12)
2: *1sc, 2sc in one stitch* (18)
3: *2sc, 2sc in one stitch* (24)
4: *2sc, 2sc in one stitch* (30)
5: *2sc, 2sc in one stitch* (36)
6: *2sc, 2sc in one stitch* (42)
7: *2sc, 2sc in one stitch* (48)
8: *2sc, 2sc in one stitch* (54)
9: *2sc, 2sc in one stitch* (60)
10: *2sc, 2sc in one stitch* (66)
11: *2sc, 2sc in one stitch* (72)

DSC_0036 DSC_0040

12 t/m 17: Only crochet singles (72)


18: *10sc, 1sc in two stitches* (66)
19: *10sc, 1sc in two stitches* (60)
20: *10sc, 1sc in two stitches* (54)
21 *10sc, 1sc in two stitches* (48)

22: *8ch, 1sc*

This is a basic pattern. If you wish, you can alter the shape of the basket and make it more narrow, broader, higher or lower. Adjust the number of increases, decreases and the height as desired. The pattern is also available on Ravelry.

If you have any questions and / or comments about this pattern, be sure to contact me.